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In 1978, a young Randy Grubb realized that he had to make a choice to either be a dentist or a dental technician. Well due to finances at the time, Randy chose to open R-Dent Dental Laboratory, and a career in dental technology was born. His primary focus was to offer excellent customer service combined with high-quality and consistent-fitting Crown & Bridge products with outstanding esthetics. R-Dent still does this today under the leadership of his son Daxton and is one of the finest, full-service, family-run dental laboratories in Tennessee and the Southeast.

In 2003, Daxton joined the family business after graduating cum laude from Christian Brothers University in Memphis with a BS degree in Business Administration and a double major in Finance and Management. Daxton also had a career at Enterprise Inc., where he rose to the managerial ranks in a short period of time. Soon after joining the R-Dent team, Daxton found that he was a good fit for the sales and marketing department. Within a year and half, he helped make the lab full-service by adding many new products and even a removable department.

In 2016, R-Dent had grown from seven to sixty-two employees, servicing hundreds of dentists in the West Tennessee area. Since then, Daxton was promoted to President and as of 2020 is now the owner. Today, Randy is retired enjoying some of his time away from the lab, although he routinely visits the lab still. Daxton is continuing to find more ways to help dental practices grow their business by making R-Dent one of the best dental laboratories in the southeastern region. In addition, Daxton’s digital dentistry expertise makes him a key source of information for any dental practitioner getting into the new, digital work-flow.

Daxton served as President of the Southeastern Dental Lab Conference and also in the past served on the Business Management Committee for the National Association of Dental Laboratories. He has presented both here in the US and Internationally at and taken part in panel forums at many of the industry’s most prestigious events, including IDS (Cologne, Germany), Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, NADL’s Vision 21 Meeting, CAL-LAB Meeting, LMT Lab Days, and the Southeastern Conference of Dental Laboratories.

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In 1980 Randy added 3 employees to the lab because of so much demand. The Grubb family home’s garage and upstairs would become the first site of the lab.


By 1992 the lab had grown to 10 employees and Randy knew he needed a bigger space. This was our first free standing building for the lab which lasted for many years.


In 2003 Randy’s son Daxton graduated from college. Although Daxton had his sights on pursuing a medical sales position he decided to join the family business.


By 2016, Daxton helped R-Dent grow into a full-service laboratory with over 62 employees. The move into a new 12,000 Sq Foot facility allowed the lab to continue its growth over the years.

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Personalized Service Leads to Lasting Relationships

R-Dent believes in building lasting relationships that benefit the doctor, the patient, and the lab. Our friendly staff is always willing to accommodate your needs. As a family-owned company we strive everyday to offer excellent customer service combined with high-quality products. Please give us a try on your next case!

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