Zirconia: What We All Need to Know

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The zirconia market in the US currently has close to 100 different brands of zirconia discs available. With the amount of options for zirconia there have been significant advancements in zirconia each year. If you have used the same zirconia for the past two years, chances are you’re behind in the material options you are prescribing. R-Dent is here to help you sort through the dizzying array of material choices with our Zirconia E-Book. We will help answer your important questions before you select or prescribe a zirconia by covering:

  • The Problems
  • Zirconia Mining
  • Disc Fabrication
  • At the Lab
  • When Prescribing
  • How to Choose?
  • What’s Best in Class Right Now?
  • Conclusion and Why so Many Brands?

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