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Clear aligners offer an esthetic and convenient alignment solution. Smile Shapers powered by R-Dent Dental Lab ensure an alignment process that is comfortable for all patients. Unlike traditional braces which can cause soreness an irritation to the inside of a patient’s mouth, clear aligners have smooth surfaces. Incorporating Smile Shapers into your practice will allow you to meet the growing demand for an alignment solution that easily integrates into patients’ lives.

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How Smile Shapers Can Help Grow Your Practice

• Minimal Chair Time •
• High ROI •
• Esthetic & Convenient •
• FDA-Approved with 510k Clearance •
• Best Materials and Equipment •

Hear What Dentist's Have to Say

dr. nash

“Every case is aligning perfectly, and for that we will continue to send to R-Dent!”
– Dr. Nash

dr rutledge

“We have done several Smile Shapers cases with R-dent and each patient has left very satisfied! I am happy to be able to provide my patients with easy, affordable aligners that give them the beautiful smile they want and work with R-dent Dental Lab to help in the process.”
– Dr. Rutledge

Patient Testimonials

Patient-Specific Treatment Plans

a la carte

À la Carte

Utilizes a predetermined number of aligners that can be easily changed and adjusted depending on treatment. Indicated for patients requiring minimal to moderate alignment.



Utilizes as many steps as needed throughout the course of the plan. Indicated for patients requiring advanced alignment.

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