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Send Your 1st Case to R-Dent!

Thank you for your interest in R-Dent Dental Laboratory. My team and I are committed to fabricating exceptional restorations for every case, including a full range of fixed, removable, implant, and hybrid products. We would like to thank you for choosing our laboratory and to show our gratitude we have a special offer of $50 off your first case from R-Dent.

If you would like to submit a digital impression, please call us at (901)372-8020 or 877-RDENT4U to redeem this offer.

If you would like to submit a traditional impression, simply follow the steps below to receive $50 off your first case.

Follow our simple four-step process below to get started! Step 1: Select the appropriate Rx Form for your case. Step 2: Use our case scheduling tool to view your estimated turnaround time. Step 3: Provide your ZIP Code to determine if local pickup or UPS delivery is most efficient for your case. Step 4: Complete our downloadable Doctor Preference Guide to ensure that your restoration is as accurate as possible.
1Rx Form
2Turn Time
3Ship / Pickup

Step 4: Doctor’s Preference Guide

Receive $25 off your next R-Dent case when you include a completed doctor preference guide with your case. You may download, print, and complete our doctor preference guide by hand, or you may fill out our editable PDF online and print the completed form when you’ve finished. CLICK HERE TO PRINT AND SUBMIT WITH CASE

Step 3: Choose Delivery Method

Enter your ZIP Code below to determine which method of delivery is most convenient.
Zip Code:
You’re in the neighborhood of our laboratory, which qualifies you for free pickup and delivery service. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A LOCAL PICKUP
Your practice falls outside our driver’s local pick-up area, please feel out the form below to print out a complimentary UPS label. CLICK HERE TO PRINT A UPS LABEL

Step 2: Schedule Your Case

Receive your estimated turn time for your restoration.

Step 1: Download Your Promotional Rx Form

Promotional Universal Rx Form:

For all fixed and removable restorations, please include the completed promotional Rx Form with your case, which is available for download below.


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