Save Money by Choosing IPS e.max!

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With over 100,000,000 restorations placed, IPS e.max® is a tried and true all-ceramic standard. Dedicated to providing our clients with products of the utmost quality, R-dent is proud to offer the highly sought-after esthetics and strength of IPS e.max® lithium disilicate. From now until the end of the year we are offering our loyal clients the chance to get a 6th IPS e.max® crown for free after prescribing 5 crowns. Take advantage of this offer by downloading the convenient redemption card provided below.

Redemption Card

Advantages of IPS e.max®

IPS e.max® is the most prescribed brand of all-ceramic in the world not only because of its combined beauty and strength but also due to its easy preparation and simple seating.


IPS e.max® crown preparation follows the same commonly accepted principles recommended with any material. Preparations can also be made supragingival for easy seating and cement clean-up.

e.max Anterior Prep Guide
e.max Posterior Prep Guide


IPS e.max® can be cemented or bonded depending on your preference or indication. For bonding, we recommend Variolink® Esthetic.

e.max Cementation Guide
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