Impression Techniques

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Impression Techniques

R-Dent has everything you need for impression techniques, including procedural and troubleshooting guides, educational videos, and much more.

AccuDent® XD

AccuDent® XD is the next generation Alginate Impression System from Ivoclar Vivadent, a leading international dental company. AccuDent XD has many benefits:

  • Dual-phase alginate materials provide more accuracy, detail, and precision than traditional alginates
  • Thermoplastic heat moldable impression trays to accommodate all arch forms
  • Low cost and fast set time for optimum productivity
  • Color-changing properties for precise timing
  • Disposable trays prevent cross-contamination
  • Tray adhesive for optimal bond between tray and alginate

To learn how to fully grasp the AccuDent Process watch the video below

Fixed Impression Techniques

Dental Implants

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