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38 Million American Denture Wearers by 2020.
It’s Time to Reconsider Removables from R-Dent.

Denture in Water

As a full-service dental laboratory dedicated to providing innovative treatment options, there’s no one better to serve your removables needs than R-Dent.

Every denture, flexible partial or RPD we ship is fabricated in house by the largest independently owned laboratory in the tri-state region. Our dedicated removables technicians create the highly esthetic and perfectly functional removables, including innovative solutions such as AvaDent® digital dentures and Acry-Tone™ flexible partials. For a full listing of our removables solutions, visit our Removable Page.

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Get started by downloading your coupon to redeem your free adjustment kit from R-Dent.

Valplast® Adjustment Tips from R-Dent

Join R-Dent’s Greg Guardiola for a comprehensive look at adjusting Valplast® partials chairside. As the most-viewed video on Valplast adjustment, you’ll see the best use for each stone and trimmer in your adjustment kit.

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