Ultaire™ AKP Partial

Ultaire™ AKP Partial

Ultaire™ AKP Partial

R-Dent is thrilled to offer the revolutionary metal-free Ultaire™ AKP RPD from industry leader Solvay. This RPD is made from Ultaire AKP, a lightweight, biocompatible, high-performance polymer. This remarkable material was created by Solvay scientists who worked in conjunction with dental lab owners to produce an ideal metal-free frame that could be used to make a better RPD. Their endeavor was a success that has already changed the day-to-day lives of many patients. In case study after case study, patients prefer the comfort, stability, and function of the Ultaire RPD. Even patients resistant to wearing RPDs love it for the restored confidence they experience.

Additional Information about Ultaire™ AKP

The Ultaire AKP RPD has many benefits to the doctor and the patient:

  • Dentists and lab technicians experience efficient digital workflow
  • Dentists get reduced chair time with little to no adjusting
  • Dentists and labs can create RPD after RPD, with consistent, predictable results
  • Patients enjoy improved eating, speaking, smiling, oral health, and esthetics
  • Dentists can more easily solve occlusion issues, lopsided smiles, and misaligned bites
  • And more…

Why Ultaire™ AKP?

Watch the video to hear directly from doctors about how the Ultaire™ AKP RPD has changed their practice for the better.

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Make Metal-Free RPDs Possible

Now your patients can say goodbye to heavy, unsightly metal RPD frames that can damage remaining teeth. The Ultaire™ RPD makes it all possible.

More Information

Detailed Specs

Read detailed material specifications and testing methodologies for the Ultaire™ AKP RPD.

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Dentist Testimonials

Hear what doctors are saying about Ultaire™ AKP

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Patient Testimonials

Hear what patients are saying about Ultaire™ AKP

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