Traditional Dentures

Traditional Dentures

Traditional Dentures

R-Dent has several traditional complete denture options to restore function and esthetics for your edentulous patients. All of our complete denture series include base plate with wax rim, setup, try-in, process and finish, and denture teeth.

Platinum Series

Platinum Series Dentures

Our Platinum Series Complete Denture includes premium Ivocap processed base plate with wax rim, premium setup, Ivocap process and finish, Kulzer Mondial Teeth, and custom gingival toning.

Gold Series

Gold Series Dentures

Our Gold Series Complete Denture includes Lucitone 199 process and finish, and Kulzer Mondial Teeth.

Silver Series

Silver Series Dentures

Our Silver Series Complete Denture includes base acrylic process and finish with Kulzer Artic Teeth.


  • D5110 complete upper
  • D5120 complete lower
  • D5130 immediate upper
  • D5860 overdenture complete
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