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INsure™ Digital Dentures

INsure™ Digital Dentures

INsure™ Digital Dentures

Make a lasting impression with R-Dent’s new INsure™ Digital Dentures. Our team designs these digital dentures using the innovative 3Shape Dental System. The base is printed using our state-of-the-art Carbon printer with the teeth and try-in printed on Kulzer’s cara Print 4.0 3D printer. Crafted to provide exceptional precision and automated processing, these dentures will provide your practice with improved convenience and a more efficient workflow. No need to change your process for taking impressions. We scan the bite rim and do the CAD/CAM design and fabrication. The denture file stays on record for 6 years, so if the patient loses or breaks their denture, we have a digital backup on file to reproduce it, providing a hassle-free solution that further saves your practice time. We have delivered over 200 successful digital denture cases with superior precision and fit. This history of accuracy and success allows us to provide a final denture from your initial impression without the need for a monolithic try-in.

INsure™ Step-by-Step Guide

This handy guide provides a step-by-step process for a variety of denture cases, including prescribing INsure™ to a new edentulous patient, replacing a current denture, and prescribing an immediate denture.

Download Step-by-Step Guide

Gold Series

Our Gold Series INsure™ Digital Denture is digitally processed and includes a monolithic printed try-in and Kulzer Mondial teeth.

Our Gold Series INsure™ Digital Denture is coming soon. Expect to know more about this product by Q2 2019

Silver Series

R-Dent’s Silver Series INsure™ Digital Denture includes a printed final denture base and teeth.

Additional Information About INsure™ Digital Dentures

After we receive the impressions, the precise fabrication process begins, with the added benefit of real-time collaboration with technicians. R-Dent’s INsure Digital Dentures provide high precision and detail, as well as streamlined workflow, resulting in fast turn times for dentures with a perfect fit.

INsure™ Bite Block Try-In

INsure™ Standard 3D Printed Try-In

If you prefer a try-in appointment, we provide a bite block try-in. You will receive the final printed denture base with anterior denture teeth set and bite blocks in the posterior.

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