INsure™ Digital Dentures

INsure™ Digital Dentures

INsure™ Digital Dentures

Make a lasting impression with R-Dent’s new INsure™ Digital Dentures. Our team designs these digital dentures using the innovative 3Shape Dental System. The base is printed using our state-of-the-art Carbon printer with the teeth and try-in printed on Kulzer’s cara Print 4.0 3D printer. Crafted to provide exceptional precision and automated processing, these dentures will provide your practice with improved convenience and a more efficient workflow. No need to change your process for taking impressions. We scan the bite rim and do the CAD/CAM design and fabrication. The denture file stays on record for 6 years, so if the patient loses or breaks their denture, we have a digital backup on file to reproduce it, providing a hassle-free solution that further saves your practice time.

Gold Series

Our Gold Series INsure™ Digital Denture is digitally processed and includes a monolithic printed try-in and Kulzer Mondial teeth.

Silver Series

R-Dent’s Silver Series INsure™ Digital Denture includes a printed final denture base and teeth with a monolithic try-in upon request.

Additional Information About INsure™ Digital Dentures

After we receive the impressions, the precise fabrication process begins, with the added benefit of real-time collaboration with technicians. R-Dent’s INsure Digital Dentures provide high precision and detail, as well as streamlined workflow, resulting in fast turn times for dentures with a perfect fit.

INsure™ Monolithic 3D Printed Try-In

INsure™ Standard 3D Printed Try-In

R-Dent’s standard 3D-printed try-in without denture teeth is included in the Gold and Silver Series.

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