DuraFlex Flexible Partials

DuraFlex Flexible Partials

DuraFlex Flexible Partials

DuraFlex is a breakthrough thermoplastic that resolves the limitations found in older flexible materials like nylon, while still offering all the advantages of a flexible partial. DuraFlex is melted and injected under pressure. The result is a flexible partial that is easier to adjust, easier to polish, and will not “gum up” rotary instruments like other flexible materials.

Additional Information About DuraFlex Flexible Partials

The advanced thermoplastic used to make DuraFlex has a semicrystalline polymer structure, making it both strong and hygienic. It is clinically unbreakable and more durable than acrylic. DuraFlex also offers highly desirable esthetics, with a veined appearance in three gingival colors. The material is translucent, allowing the natural coloring of the underlying tissue to show through, giving it a virtually invisible appearance.

Be sure to ask for your FREE TCS/Duraflex Adjustment kit from R-Dent with your first case.

Flexible Flexibles!

The flexible partial segment has grown considerably recently due to patient comfort over older cast-frame partials. But did you know that R-Dent can combine the benefits of a cast frame with the ease of wear that comes with a flexible? Give us a call for more information!


  • D5211 upper
  • D5212 lower

How to Properly Adjust Valplast Partials

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