AvaDent® Digital Dentures

AvaDent® Digital Dentures

AvaDent® Digital Dentures

Dentures can be difficult for patients to get used to—not anymore. AvaDent®, the world’s first completely digital denture system, marries the precision of CAD/CAM dentistry with removables solutions. Provide finished dentures in only two appointments, eliminating excess chair time and improving patient experience.

Additional Information About AvaDent Digital Dentures

Using AvaDent’s proprietary Anatomical Measurement Device, the impression is digitized, then fabricated. Dentures can be monolithically milled, or with slots for Dentsply Portrait teeth.

Unlike other systems, AvaDent allows you to continue to use your standard impressioning technique. It provides “good fit” model denture trays for the first impression, which is pulled exactly as you would for conventional denture. Both single and double arches can be produced, and you can use conventional wax rims for impressions if wash-relined inside.

Digitally fabricated dentures are now available for patients who prefer fixed removable solutions, as AvaDent partnered with Nobel Biocare® for All-On-4 cases to be fit over a Nobel bar. The monolithic option eliminates problems with teeth falling off the base as may be the problem with bar-and-overdenture cases.


  • D5110 complete upper
  • D5120 complete lower
  • D5130 immediate upper
  • D5860 overdenture complete

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