Acry-Tone Flexible Partials

Acry-Tone Flexible Partials

Acry-Tone Flexible Partials

Acry-Tone Flexible Partials provide improved flexibility, adjustability, and comfort. Versatile enough for full-arch or partial indications, Acry-Tone is a cold-cured acrylic resin with five times fewer residual monomers than similar MMA acrylics. Very low water absorption makes it highly biocompatible and resistant to odors and discoloration. Withstands heat and UV exposure for long lifespan.

Additional Information About Acry-Tone Flexible Partials

In addition to the improved function and comfort afforded by its superior pliability, it’s also easily polished to a lifelike gingival sheen, making it simple to repair chairside with any cold- or self-cure material and all conventional burrs and pumices. Seating without the need for clasps, Acry-Tone is nearly invisible in patients’ mouths.


  • D5211 upper
  • D5212 lower

“I love the fact that my patients are commenting on the comfort level of the Acry-Tone partials. I also am impressed with the high-gloss finish and polish I get on this product, and that I can even repair them chairside, something you just can’t do with other flexible materials.”

– Dr. Dietz Memphis, TN

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