NobelProcera Abutments®

NobelProcera® Abutments

NobelProcera® Abutments

Offer your patients fully custom abutments from Nobel Biocare® with the NobelProcera system. All NobelProcera abutments are protected against failure by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and can be authenticated for full traceability of every case.

Designed on CAD/CAM systems Nobel engineered for implant cases by R-Dent technicians, fully customized abutments are fabricated by Nobel Biocare® to ensure ideal compatibility and full 510(k) compliance across a wide range of Nobel Biocare’s platforms: NobelProcera Abutments, Narrow Profile Abutments, Procera Esthetic Abutments, Snappy Abutments, GoldAdapt Engaging and Non-Engaging Abutments, Locator® Abutments, Ball Abutments, Gold Abutment Bars, and Gold Coping Bars.

Did You Know?

R-Dent has a full library of implant tools that you can rent at no additional cost.

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Learn More About Precision-Milled Abutments With NobelProcera

Download our pdf and find out how you can grow your practice by using fully custom abutments.

Implant Torque Specification Guide

Ensure you are applying the right amount of torque for your patient’s implant restoration courtesy of R-Dent Lab.


D6057 Implant Abutments

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