Nobel Procera FCZ®

NobelProcera FCZ®

NobelProcera FCZ®

R-Dent’s screw-retained crown from NobelProcera insures successful restorations that last. With screw-retained crowns, crown failure due to excess subgingival cementation is a thing of the past. The full-contour zirconia crown with titanium base from industry leader NobelProcera is customized to fit directly to the implant, eliminating the need for an abutment, and thus, cement. Screw-retained crowns provide the stability of a fixed implant solution with the retrievability of a removable solution.

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Additional Information About NobelProcera FCZ®

  • *Easy, noninvasive retrievability for removal of crown if needed
  • *Convenient try-ins with the crown in a fully seated position
  • *Engineered, designed and fabricated implant connection from industry leader Nobel Biocare
  • *Screw-retained crowns have smaller screws, which means smaller access holes for better esthetics

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D6065 – D6067 Implant Abutments

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