Milled Bar Option

Milled Bar Option

Milled Bar Option

At R-Dent, we assist many doctors and have seen a wide range of clinical procedures used in many different dental practices. Here we highlight some of the procedures, methods, and materials we have tried that have worked great for us in terms of ease of use, efficiency, and value. We offer you our unbiased lab perspective on the things that have worked the best for our lab.

Process Between Doctor and Lab

Doctor 1st Appointment: Take fixture-level impression.
Lab: Fabricate verification index, soft-tissue model and wax rims.

Doctor 2nd Appointment: Try-in verification index and make interocclusal records.
Lab: (3 days) Articulate casts and set teeth for patient approval.

Doctor 3rd Appointment: Verify set-up and make any adjustments.
Lab: (14 days) CAD design approved and mill bar.

Doctor 4th Appointment: Try-in milled bar.
Lab: (3 days) Process and finish prosthetics.

Doctor 5th Appointment: Final delivery.

Implant Torque Specification Guide

Ensure you are applying the right amount of torque for your patient’s implant restoration courtesy of R-Dent Lab.

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