Fixed Hybrid Denture Overbar

Fixed Hybrid Bar Premium Denture

Fixed Hybrid Denture Overbar

R-Dent’s Fixed Hybrid Bar Premium Denture is an exceptional choice for your edentulous patients who desire a more comfortable, stable, and esthetic denture option. Our Fixed Hybrid Bar Premium Denture is an implant-supported prosthesis with the advantages of stability provided by a fixed replacement and retrievability of a removable denture. Accurate fit and occlusion straight out of our lab helps to save your practice time and money, while patients enjoy fewer appointments to receive their denture solution.

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R-Dent has a full library of implant tools that you can rent at no additional cost.

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Need All-On-4 Assistance at Your Practice?

The All-On-4 Treatment Concept is an efficient and effective restoration that uses only four implants to support an immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis. This solution is for edentulous patients who don’t have much bone left to retain dental implants; often such patients require extensive bone grafting, which is time-consuming and expensive. All-On-4 not only gives practitioners a process directed at those marginal patients but also allows for a full smile reconstruct in only one day.

R-Dent Removable Department Technical & Clinical Manager Gil Guardiola is highly trained and certified for the All-On-4 immediate load chairside retrofit. He is available to assist with this procedure at your practice. Contact R-Dent for Gil’s availability and cost.

Process Between Doctor and Lab

Doctor 1st Appointment: Take fixture-level impression.
Lab: Fabricate verification index, soft-tissue model and wax rims.

Doctor 2nd Appointment: Try-in verification index and make interocclusal records.
Lab: (3 days) Articulate casts and set teeth for patient approval.

Doctor 3rd Appointment: Verify set-up and make any adjustments.
Lab: (14 days) CAD design approved and mill bar.

Doctor 4th Appointment: Try-in milled bar.
Lab: (3 days) Process and finish prosthetics.

Doctor 5th Appointment: Final delivery.

Implant Torque Specification Guide

Ensure you are applying the right amount of torque for your patient’s implant restoration courtesy of R-Dent Lab.

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