BellaTek® Encode® Custom Abutments

Encode® Custom Abutments

BellaTek® Encode® Custom Abutments

R-Dent offers BellaTek® Encode® Custom abutments from BIOMET 3i™, featuring fast turnaround times for custom abutments and crowns. No need for implant-level impressions with the BellaTek® Encode® impression system. Instead, the BellaTek® Encode® Healing Abutment has the design information the lab needs BellaTek Encoded on its occlusal surface, including implant depth, hex-orientation, platform diameter, and interface. This translates to a streamlined treatment process that not only saves chair time but also reduces trauma to soft tissue by eliminating the interchange of components:

  • Design information is included through markings on the healing abutment, eliminating the step of replacing the healing abutment with a traditional impression coping.
  • The clinician takes a traditional or digital impression of the healing abutment.
  • The impression picks up the design information from the healing abutment’s special coding.
  • The clinician provides our lab with the impression from the BellaTek® Encode® healing abutment and the opposing arch, a bite registration, and shade selection.

Our lab technicians then pour a stone model that is used to design and fabricate the custom abutment to perfectly suit each patient’s unique anatomy. The abutments are designed using the proprietary BellaTek® Encode® CAD library. Choose your BellaTek® Encode® abutment in titanium, zirconia or zirconia with a Ti base and genuine BIOMET 3i Gold-Tite® Screw.

The BellaTek Encode ®Impression process is simple and efficient, helping to increase your practice’s productivity. Also, because the healing abutment does not need to be removed and replaced with an impression coping, the trauma to your patient’s soft tissue is reduced, which can contribute to better gingival esthetics and health.

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