Atlantis™ Custom Abutments

Atlantis™ Custom Abutments

Atlantis™ Custom Abutments

The first modern-day dental implants were placed nearly 60 years ago, and the technicians at R-Dent Lab have been implant experts for over 30 years. Today, clinicians have more choices than ever when it comes to implant abutments, from different materials and different coatings to off-the-shelf, premade abutments or custom abutments.

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Additonal Information About Atlantis™ Custom Abutments

R-Dent can create CAD/CAM custom abutments for practically any implant system. Using a combination of precision scanning instruments, sophisticated software, and next-generation manufacturing tools and techniques, we create custom abutments of unparalleled quality and preciseness. And the highly experienced R-Dent technicians fully understand the impact your abutment design will have on the final case outcome. Both function and esthetically-based methodologies are incorporated in all design considerations. R-Dent makes it a simple procedure—just take a fixture level impression and send it to us.

For less-than-ideal cases, custom implant abutments are a fantastic option. They give technicians the ability to create an ideal emergence profile that promotes healthy tissue development and to place margins uniformly below the gingiva. In addition, the use of a custom abutment allows corrections to be made in angulation with anatomical structure for better support and crown retention.

Need to Know Warranty Information

It’s extremely important to know the manufacturer and warranty behind any custom milled abutment. Many labs are using “house brands” that have been known to have poor interface connections and can possibly cause microgap leakages. R-Dent uses only high-quality, name-brand blocks with strong warranties, milled with the top milling equipment in the industry. Ask about the phenomenal warranty on Atlantis™ custom abutments that not only covers the custom abutment, but also the implant itself.

Implant Torque Specification Guide

Ensure you are applying the right amount of torque for your patient’s implant restoration courtesy of R-Dent Lab.


D6057 Implant Abutments

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