Ceramage Composit

Ceramage Composite

Ceramage Composite

Ideal for crafting restorations over implant bars, Ceramage Composite is a zirconium silicate composite that’s strong enough to serve as a full-roundhouse restoration. Available in bleach and gum shades, it’s an ideal restorative solution when creating dentures over bars. It’s also suitable for silicate micro-ceramic restorations for gingival anatomy, with a wide range of flesh tones for realistic shading. Available in 78 shades for crown and bridge restorations.

Additional Information About Ceramage Composite

A ceramic with a lower fracture rate than traditional ceramics, Ceramage Composite’s high compressive strength provides excellent wear characteristics. Because it’s not as hard as many composite ceramics, it’s gentler on opposing enamel than porcelain. Easy to polish after chairside adjustment, Ceramage Composite is a versatile and reliable restorative material.


Bridges, full arches, crowns, Complex cases, including multi-unit situations


Patients with sensitivity to acrylate resins
NOT a fixed, definitive restoration

Tech Notes

When you receive your case simply reline the Oral Temps chair-side using jet acrylic for an esthetic long-term provisional option
Use temporary cement on your temporaries


D2970 Temporary Crown

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