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FirstFit Guided Prosthetics Delivery System


The Newest Innovation in Dentistry

Utilizing the FirstFit digital technology system for tooth preparations, our team at R-Dent can design a step-by-step 3D printed guide that will accompany the crown or bridge restoration you have prescribed. This printed prep guide allows for preparation and seating in a single visit. By utilizing a FirstFit guide, you can quickly and accurately prep the tooth before the seating of the restoration to ensure ideal preparation and accurate fit of the final restorations. This alternative to crown-in-a-day services requires only two appointments, the first for the impression and the second for the preparation and seating. Your patients will be highly satisfied with their experience and the reduced chair time will allow for increased productivity in your practice. FirstFit ensures superior esthetics using a high-quality crown or bridge from R-Dent.


  • Prep and seat in one visit
  • Requires only two appointments
  • Decreases chair time up to 50%
  • Avoids excessive cutting to healthy teeth
  • Esthetic crown and bridge restorations
  • Bridge restorations require minimal prep on adjacent teeth
  • Eliminates the need for temporaries
  • Higher case acceptance

Discover the Difference of the FirstFit Workflow



Treatment Plan




Seating Appointment

Provide single visit dentistry and eliminate temporaries from the procedure.

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Treatment Plan






Seating Appointment

Prescribing FirstFit to Your Patients

FirstFit is the ideal solution for preparation and seating of single unit and 3-unit bridges for molars and premolars.


FirstFit preparation guides are indicated for use on single units and 3-unit bridges in cases of caries-damaged, fractured, endodontically-treated, discolored, and poorly restored molars and premolars.


FirstFit preparation guides are not indicated for long span bridges or in cases of gingival caries, deep fractures below the CEJ, misalignments, and previously cemented crowns.

FirstFit in Action

This innovative tool can greatly minimize the amount of time spent on every crown and bridge case. Watch the videos below to learn more about how this preparation guide works.

Adding FirstFit to Your Practice

Introductory Seminar

R-Dent is proud to be one of only ten dental labs currently able to provide this product. To learn more about FirstFit, we invite you to attend one of the informational introductory seminar that are held throughout the year. To view a complete list of these seminars and find one near your practice please follow the link below.

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Certification Courses

There are also various certification courses available, so that you can fully integrate this innovative solution into your practice. These workshops will cover how to use 3D printed guides to prepare teeth, the theory behind how 3D printing helps create a beautiful preparation, and how this guide allows for a minimally invasive approach to preparing teeth.

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