Enroll in R-Dent ACH Payments

It is easy to enroll in R-Pay in just a couple minutes. To enroll, please fill out all required fields in the form below.

If you have any questions concerning online bill pay, please email us at ap@rdentlab.com or call us at 901-372-8020.

I consent to enroll in the R-Dent ACH payment process. This is to notify R-Dent Dental Laboratory, Inc. and/or one or more of its subsidiaries and affiliates (herein collectively called R-Dent) of enrollment or change in EFT/ACH banking instructions for the Company (name stated below) herein referred to as Company. Therefore Company authorizes R-Dent to debit the noted account for accepting payments for goods and services by ACH. In the event of any duplicate payment, overpayment, fraudulent payment or payment made in error, the receiving party will immediately return such payment upon confirming the occurrence of any of the foregoing.

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