Scanners – Rent or Own?

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Should I rent or own a scanner?

When it comes to the question of renting or owning a scanner, deciding on what to do can seem daunting with all of the choices available. Consider the following information to help you decide.

Let’s Compare

Let’s examine the long-term costs and benefits of renting a scanner versus owning your own scanner.


Locked into a 3-year or more sales commitment with the lab who loaned the scanner

Required to meet quotas for quarterly, quarterly, or annual sales

Have to pay annual scan and support fees due to scanner manufacturers and distributors



Able to take advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction for expensive equipment costs

Pairing Section 179 with R-Dent’s $500 quarterly rebate program could save dentists a considerable amount of money

Have an investment for the future that will continue to provide increased efficiency and thus maximize savings

By owning your own digital scanner, you can spend less time reading the fine print and more time learning about your scanner and getting over the initial learning curve. Generally, people take better care of the objects they own than the objects they rent. They also dedicate more time to learning about the object they own, while those who rent might not make it past the required learning curve.

While using a lab-placed scanner may provide short-term convenience, the long-term savings you’ll experience from owning a scanner truly outweigh the limited benefits of using a lab-placed scanner. Get started right now and begin reaping the benefits of owning your own scanner.

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