CEREC® Omnicam

Sirona Omnicam Digital Impression Scanner

CEREC® Omnicam

CEREC doctors can now make R-Dent their laboratory of choice when prescribing restorations from their CEREC scanners.

R-Dent is an Authorized Sirona Connect laboratory, allowing us to receive scan files directly from your CEREC chairside scanner. Using the Sirona Connect system, directly transfer files from your CEREC APOLLO DI, CEREC Bluecam or CEREC Omnicam directly to our technicians to design and mill on our high-precision, five-axis dental mills.

Doctors who choose to use CEREC Connect software to design their own restorations may also partner with R-Dent to fabricate their crown and bridge designs, harnessing the precision of our industrial-grade mills.

Need Help Sending a Digital Impression File

Sending a case to R-Dent Lab has never been easier with digital scanning technology. Let us help walk you through the steps of sending your digital file.

Easy Accessibility

Taking a patient’s digital impressions is quick and simple with CEREC’s small and lightweight scanner that allows for easy access. For enhanced convenience, cart system, flexible installation system, and a chairside integrated system are available. It is also powder-free.

Advanced Technology

CEREC® is part of the most advanced total CAD/CAM solution that leaves room for future growth. Design software is available that includes biogeneric design capability. Allows for open .STL export. With its 3D color scanning capabilities, CEREC® provides exceptionally clear digital impressions.

Streamlined Workflow

Through Sirona Connect, our lab and your practice can collaborate seamlessly on every CEREC® case. It makes it easy for our technicians to advise and guide clinicians through complex cases.

Expanded Product Range

Due to the advanced technology of CEREC®, this scanner is approved for clear aligners, including MTM, Invisalign, and other ortho treatments.

Tutorial: CEREC Omnicam Scanning Technique

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