Planmeca® Emerald™ S

Planmeca® Emerald™ S

Planmeca® Emerald™ S

Planmeca® Emerald™ S can be used for advanced case planning as well as everyday impressioning. Developed for doctors who place a large number of implants, the Emerald™ quickly digitizes a highly accurate 3D model.

Sending a Digital Impression File

Sending a case to R-Dent Lab has never been easier with digital scanning technology. Let us help walk you through the steps of sending your digital file.

Elite Scanning Speed

Planmeca® Emerald™ S offers exceptional scanning speeds for every case. It features lightning fast scan time that allows for increased efficiency. Full-arch scans can be completed in as little as a minute.

Sleek & Slim Design

This scanner is small and lightweight, which reduces strain on the clinician during scanning. The compact scanner is also a leader in ergonomic design and is a handheld solution. The scanner is also available in four different shades, green, pink, blue, and grey.

High Precision

The Planmeca® Emerald™ S captures vivid and lifelike impressions. It features unmatched precision for single-unit to full arch scans.

Variety in Tips

This scanner is also available with a thinner tip than its standard ergonomic tip. The SlimLine tip is optimal for smaller mouths or posterior scans. Both the Slimline tip and standard tip are autoclavable.

Tooth Shade Assistant

Available with a shade assistant, this scanner allows for quick detection of accurate shades. This assistant has been specially designed for the Planmeca® Emerald™ S. It automatically shows the correct shade when the mouse cursor hovers over the scanned model.

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