Medit i500

Medit i500 Digital Impression Scanner

Medit i500

The Medit i500 is a fast, accurate, and affordable intraoral scanner that will allow you to easily integrate digital dentistry into your practice. It provides full color scans through a 3D-in-motion video technology with a powder-free process. The i500 scanner was created with an emphasis on a high ROI. It provides exceptional design and software. It is an excellent option irrespective of your practice’s specialization. It is an excellent option irrespective of your practice’s specialization, especially due to its complete lack of additional fees.


  • Simple maneuverability and increased comfort are provided by the i500’s small tip.
  • The scanning can be started, stopped, and moved on to the next scanning stage by a single button on the scanner.
  • This scanner only weighs 276 grams, which allows it to be easily held for increased comfort.


  • The i500 has an open system, which allows for easy file transfer and optimized collaboration.


  • Accuracy – 5.1 μm (± 0.49 μm)
  • Speed – Intelligent scan-detecting algorithm
  • Resolution – Easily located margin lines and undercuts, as well as distinction between tooth structure and soft tissue.

i500 Scan interface features

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