3Shape TRIOS® 3 Basic

3Shape TRIOS® Digital Impression Scanner

3Shape TRIOS® 3 Basic

The 3Shape TRIOS® 4 scanner is blazing the way into the future for dental practices across the nation. It allows for increased patient satisfaction and improved practice efficiency through the latest innovations made to the TRIOS®. At R-Dent, we are fully equipped to accept digital impressions and fabricate restorations using your TRIOS® scan files. We know how digital impressions benefit our team - take a look at how the TRIOS® system can benefit your practice.

Sending a Digital impression File

Sending a case to R-Dent Lab has never been easier with digital scanning technology. Let us help walk you through the steps of sending your digital file.

Increased Practice Efficiency

Traditional impressions aren’t quick. The TRIOS® 3 eliminates the cost, time, and materials of the traditional impression procedure, turning those savings into profit.

RealColor™ Digital Scans

Say goodbye to fuzzy black and white imagery, and welcome precise digital scanning in natural color. Find preparation margins with ease for clear clinical evaluations. The TRIOS® 3 offers real color scans as well as HD photos.

Shade Matching

With the 3Shape TRIOS® 3, there is no disconnect between impression and shade taking—now it takes just one efficient scan. Analyze the shades on screen as you go and offer digital shade annotations for laboratory review.

Review Occlusal Clearance in Seconds

Adjusting occlusion and ensuring common paths of insertion for bridges has never been easier. To reduce clearance, just scan the adjusted area and remove the necessity of a complete retake.

Increased Indications

The TRIOS® 3 easily takes scans for crown and bridge cases, as well as abutments and bar restorations.

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