3Shape TRIOS® 4 Digital Impression Scanner

3Shape TRIOS® Digital Impression Scanner

3Shape TRIOS® 4 Digital Impression Scanner

The 3Shape TRIOS® 4 scanner is blazing the way into the future for dental practices across the nation. It allows for increased patient satisfaction and improved practice efficiency through the latest innovations made to the TRIOS®. At R-Dent, we are fully equipped to accept digital impressions and fabricate restorations using your TRIOS® scan files. We know how digital impressions benefit our team - take a look at how the TRIOS® system can benefit your practice.

Sending a Digital impression File

Sending a case to R-Dent Lab has never been easier with digital scanning technology. Let us help walk you through the steps of sending your digital file.

Increased Battery Life

The TRIOS® 4 is equipped with instant-heat smart tips, which enable 30% more battery life. This longer battery life translates to 2-3 more patient scans per battery.

Smart Tips

TRIOS® 4 utilizes the new generation of smart tips, which feature several benefits made possible through instant-heat technology. The scanner can be scan-ready within seconds. It offers increased battery life. Lastly, the TRIOS® 4 offers optimal scanning due to automatic counter and tip-change alerts.

Caries Diagnostic Aid Technology

This scanner has built-in fluorescent technology that helps identify possible surface caries. Clinicians can now use the TRIOS® 4 for early detection of surface caries without the need for an additional scanning device.

Two-In-One Solution

The TRIOS® 4 is available as a combined wired and wireless scanner. It features a simple plug-in cord that allows it to be converted into a wired scanner when needed.

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