3M™ Mobile True Definition Digital Impression Scanner

3M™ Mobile True Definition Digital Impression Scanner

3M™ Mobile True Definition Digital Impression Scanner

The 3M™ Mobile True Definition Scanner is the first intraoral scanner that operates solely on a tablet to create digital impressions for restorative dentistry. Outputting in open-architecture STL files, this scanner is compatible with all standard CAD/CAM systems. The 3M™ scanner also has the smallest wand on the market, providing the least invasive scanning option. The simple software and user-friendly display allow operators to view and evaluate scan quality chairside. Precise to less than 5 microns, the 3M™ True Definition scanner has a demonstrated fit rate of 99.7 percent, allowing most crowns to seat with zero chairside adjustment.

Need Help Sending a Digital Impression File

Sending a case to R-Dent Lab has never been easier with digital scanning technology. Let us help walk you through the steps of sending your digital file.

What are the indications for the 3M™ Mobile Scanner?

The 3M Mobile Scanner is an optical impression system used to record the topographical characteristics of the dentition and/or full arch and preparation areas (including features such as implant scan locators, fixtures, braces, brackets, etc.). In addition, it can record the topographical characteristics of the oral anatomy (such as soft tissue, gingivae, and palate).

The 3D model generated from the scan may be further used for the design and manufacturing of dental restorations including implant supported prostheses and partial frameworks and can be used to design and manufacture physical models of the teeth. It may also be used to create orthodontic appliances, retainers, and accessories.

3M™ Mobile Scanner Facts

Your best first step to digital dentistry, the 3M Mobile Scanner allows you to move into digital orthodontics with ease and accuracy. The 3M Mobile Scanner supports open STL files, so you can work with your orthodontic lab, design, and mill chairside, or share files with other trusted partners for expanded clinical solutions. And, because your digital impressions are generated by 3M’s 3D-in-motion video technology, they’ll feature extraordinary detail with industry-leading accuracy—providing more control and consistency than traditional processes.


Benefits of the digital process versus the traditional process: Predictable clinical outcomes.

  • Better oral care
  • Better patient experience
  • Improved productivity


The 3M Mobile Scanner is more accurate—and more consistently accurate—than leading systems on the market.


Choices supported by an open and secure cloud-based platform.

  • More choices—store, share and connect
  • Ultimate flexibility—download open STL files
  • System compatibility—now and in the future


Small, ergonomic scanner has the familiar feel of a handpiece.

  • Light and balanced
  • Fits in the hand like a mirror or a handpiece
  • Clinicians will find it comfortable and intuitive because it uses familiar muscle memory


The 3M Mobile Scanner puts CAD/CAM dentistry within reach for any practice. Now you can add this advanced digital impression system to your practice at an unprecedented suggested retail price of $11,995, coupled with data plans as low a $199 per month.

3M™ True Definition Scanner Training

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