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At R-Dent, we assist many doctors and have seen a wide range of clinical procedures used in many different dental practices. Here we highlight some of the procedures, methods, and materials we have tried that have worked great for us in terms of ease of use, efficiency, and value. We offer you our unbiased lab perspective on the things that have worked the best for our lab.

AccuDent® XD

AccuDent® XD is the next generation Alginate Impression System from Ivoclar Vivadent, a leading international dental company. AccuDent XD has many benefits:

  • Dual-phase alginate materials provide more accuracy, detail, and precision than traditional alginates
  • Thermoplastic heat moldable impression trays to accommodate all arch forms
  • Low cost and fast set time for optimum productivity
  • Color-changing properties for precise timing
  • Disposable trays prevent cross-contamination
  • Tray adhesive for optimal bond between tray and alginate

To learn how to fully grasp the AccuDent Process watch the video below

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